Work Experience

As we develop the Senior Phase of our curriculum in line with Curriculum for Excellence, every pupil will have the opportunity to participate on a learning experience outside the classroom before they leave school at the end of their S4, S5 or S6. The types of placements that we will offer are:

Targeted Placements - This is a week long placement for pupils who are identified by guidance staff as being unsure of their career path and who may require more assistance to make a successful transition and find a suitable placement.

Flexible Placements (Work Experience WAO) - This is for pupils who want to gain experience linked to their chosen career path and develop the skills that are appropriate to that career. This experience is built into the pupils timetable.

 Extended Placements - This is for pupils who may be following a ‘bespoke’ education package, allowing them an increased length of time throughout their week in the work place. This type of placement only happens with the agreement of the relevant Depute Rector and/or agencies involved.