Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is the new programme within Larbert High School providing S1-6 pupils with the opportunity to be involved in the life of the school and develop their leadership skills.

The purpose of the Leadership Academy is:

  • To provide formal leadership opportunities for S1-6 pupils
  • To develop senior pupils as leadership mentors for junior pupils
  • To provide a formal opportunity for pupil voice
  • To develop leadership skills essential for life in work, training or further education

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy consists of 17 Leadership Teams, each with a particular school focus such as sport or charities, for example. Each Leadership Team will be led by two Leadership Captains and will be supported by Leaders in S1-6. Leadership Captains and S6 Leaders will act as mentors to pupils in S1-5.

The purpose of the Leader role is:

  • To lead and support specific projects within and outside the school
  • To provide a voice for pupils in the school
  • To develop leadership skills for work, training or further education

The Leadership Academy is your opportunity to make a difference to the school. It does, however, require time and commitment and a selection process consisting of an application form and selection activity will take place.