S4-6 Prelim Exam Timetable and Arrangements 2016

Dear Parent/Carer of S4-6 pupils

Please find attached the Senior Prelim Timetable 2016 for S4-6 pupils. Senior Prelims are starting on Monday 18 January and will finish on Monday 1 February 2016.

The exam diet affects S4-6 pupils; pupils will, however, receive an individual timetable and will also be informed by their subject teacher about particular exam arrangements. Please be aware that the attached draft timetable may change some rooming arrangements and the individual timetable issued to pupils will have the finalised location for exams along with a seat number for each pupil.

S4-6 pupils should attend their Prelim exam at the stated times. Pupils must attend their timetabled classes as normal when they do not have an exam. This will provide pupils with the opportunity to prepare and study for their exams. It is also important that all pupils who attend consortia classes at the college and other schools continue to attend these classes unless they are sitting an exam at these times.

Taking account of new SQA qualifications and the fact that the SQA Appeals process does not exist, the Prelim exam diet may consist of more varied assessments. For example, the Prelim exam may not be an exact replica of the final exam in all subjects reflecting the fact that new SQA qualifications have more coursework assessments for completion within class.

The Prelim exams will, however, still provide you with a useful snapshot of pupils’ progress and will provide pupils and teachers with information to plan next steps. They will be conducted in the same way as the final exams in April/May and will continue to provide our pupils with an opportunity to experience a full diet of exams.

The school and the SQA have very clear expectations for Prelim and SQA exams. I would, therefore, be grateful if you could reinforce the following information below.

Pupils should:

    Bring all necessary equipment, eg calculators, dictionaries, pens
    Ensure all mobile phones are switched off in exam rooms.  If a mobile phone rings during an exam, SQA guidance is that the pupil’s paper may be disqualified.
    Arrive promptly for each exam. If pupils arrive late they may not be allowed to enter the exam room.
    Ensure there is no communication with other pupils during an exam.
    Show respect to the invigilators and follow their instructions. Invigilators are in charge of the exam rooms.
    Stay in the exam room until the timetabled finish time for the exam, unless they have a pass to leave. Pupils must not ask invigilators to leave the exam early.
    Inform their Guidance teacher or Mr O’Connor if they have a medical condition that will require them to leave during an exam. A pass will be organised for pupils.

S4-6 pupils will receive an individual timetable detailing their exam time, room and seat number from week beginning Monday 12 January. Pupils who receive alternative assessment arrangements will be issued with specific details.

Finally, I hope the attached timetable allows pupils to plan their preparation appropriately and I wish our S4-6 pupils the very best of luck in these important exams.


K O’Connor

Depute Rector (SQA Co-ordinator)