Parent Council

The Parent Council is made up as follows:

  • Rosemary Allford – Chairperson
  • Katie Thewlis - Vice Chair
  • Stuart Rae – Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Baba-Yemi - Member
  • Garry Hale - Member
  • Lynne Miller - Member
  • Andy Auld - Teacher Rep
  • Tom McMorrow - Co-Opted member
  • Jon Reid – Rector and Adviser to Parent Council
  • Debbie McLay – Clerk to Parent Council

As a parent with a child/children at Larbert High School, you are automatically a member of the school's Parent Forum, and as such are welcome to attend Parent Council meetings at any time.

Meetings take place in the conference room and commence at 7 p.m. If, however, you are unable to attend a meeting but would like a matter raised on your behalf, please contact the Clerk, Debbie McLay using the form below.

Dates of upcoming meetings are:

  • Tuesday 25 September 2018
  • Tuesday 20 November 2018
  • Tuesday 5 February 2019
  • Tuesday 19 March 2018
  • Tuesday 4 June 2019

The Minutes of Parent Council meetings will be available on the website so that you can keep up to date with what's being discussed and what issues we're looking at from month to month.  Click on the link below to download the Minutes of our latest meeting.  You can also learn about the Parent Council's work by downloading our Annual Bulletin.


Standards & Quality Report


Each year the school produces a Standards & Quality Report, which highlights some of the major successes and achievements from the previous session.  You can view these HERE.


Stay Informed!


There’s a lot going on at Larbert High School, and whilst the school publishes a calendar HERE at the start of each session with key dates the most up to date version is always live on this website and via the School App.  In addition to this, all letters are directly emailed home to parents and are also published on this website HERE.


Most of the school’s teachers also use Twitter (your child will know the details for each of their teachers), but the main accounts to follow are as below.  If you don’t use Twitter, the main feed also appears on the home page of this website:


Larbert High School (main account): @LarbertHigh

Tryst Sports Club: @TrystSports (for details of all sporting clubs and holiday programmes)


S1 Year Team: @S1LHSYT

S2 Year Team: @S2YearTeamLHS

S3 Year Team: @s3yearteam

S4 Year Team: @S4LHSYT

S5 Year Team: @S5YearTeam

S6 Year Team: @S6LHSYT


Science Faculty: @LHS_Science_

Technologies Faculty: @LHSTechnologies

English & Media Faculty: @LHS_English

Expressive Arts Faculty: @Larbert_ExpArts

HWB Faculty: @LHS_HWB and @LHSFCT

Humanities Faculty: @LHS_Humanities

Languages Faculty: @LHSLanguages

Maths & Computing Faculty: @LHSMathematics

Pupil Support Faculty: @LarbertHighPS



Useful Links


We thought you may find the following links useful:


The National Parent Forum of Scotland:

Connect (formerly Scottish Parent Teacher Council):

Falkirk Area Parent Forum:


Parent Zone Scotland:

SQA (Parent Section):


If you are unable to attend a meeting but would like a matter raised on your behalf, please contact the Clerk, Debbie McLay using this form. It would be helpful if you could let us know which year group your young person is in.

Privacy Policy

About the Parent Council

Parents are welcomed to be:
- involved with their child’s education and learning;
- be active participants in the life of the school; and
- express their views on school education generally and work in partnership with the school.

All parents / carers are automatically members of the Parent Forum at this school. As a member of the Parent Forum all parents can expect to –
- receive information about the school and its activities;
- hear about what partnership with parents means in our school;
- be invited to be involved in ways and times that suit you;
- identify issues you want the Parent Council to work on with the school;
- be asked your opinion by the Parent Council on issues relating to the school and the
education it provides;
- work in partnership with staff; and
-  enjoy taking part in the life of the school in whatever way possible.

Parent Councils are the formal representative body for parents / carers with children attending school. Parent Councils are different in each school to enable them to meet the needs of parents / carers locally.

The Parent Forum decides how their representatives on the Parent Council are chosen and how the Parent Council operates. Parents / carers are encouraged to volunteer or put themselves forward to be chosen as representatives of the Parent Council if they wish.

The main aims of the Parent Council are:
- To support the school in its work with pupils
- To represent the views of parents
- To promote contact between the school, parents, pupils, providers of nursery education and
the community
- To report to the Parent Forum
- To be involved in the appointment of senior promoted staff.
- To raise funds for the school for the benefit of pupils (in some schools the PTA/PA fulfils this

For more information on parental involvement or to find out about parents as partners in their children’s learning, please contact the school or visit the Parentzone website at