Senior Leadership Team


J Reid

Depute Rector

K Cullen

Depute Rector

J Wilson

Depute Rector

J Doherty

Depute Rector

C Meikle

Depute Rector

A Auld

Resources Manager

S McLay

English and Media

S Leach

Expressive Arts

C Mutch

M MacFadyen

Health and Wellbeing

D Paterson

B Townsend


J Martindale

K Chatburn

Modern Languages

S Struth

STEM (Maths and Computing)

C McDougall

D McCulloch

STEM (Sciences)

A Naseer

P Rodger

STEM (Technologies)

M Thomas

Pupil Support

E Disbury

A Crawford

M Rushton

S1 Year Team

Mr Auld

Mrs Hill

Mrs Ferguson

Miss Hunter 

Mrs Duff


S2 Year Team

Mrs Hurren

Mrs McIlwraith

Miss Welsh

Mr McDonald

S3 Year Team

Mr Parnham

Mr Smith

Mr Greer

Miss Crawford

S4 Year Team

Mr Doherty

Mr Shields

Miss Sanderson

Mr Gibb

S5 Year Team

Mr Meikle

Miss Farrell

Miss Taylor

Mr Hillock

S6 Year Team

Mr Auld

Mrs Greenlay

Mr Johnston

Miss Horne