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Foreward from the Director of Education


A Foreword from the Director of Children’s Services

Session 2018-2019

This handbook contains a range of information about your child’s school which will be of interest to you and your child.  It offers an insight into the life and ethos of the school and also offers advice and assistance which you may find helpful in supporting and getting involved in your child’s education.


Falkirk Council is keen to work with parents, not only to allow you a greater opportunity to contribute to your child’s education, but also to encourage you to play a greater role in the life of the school as a whole. We offer a number of opportunities when you will be able to make your voice heard in relation to your own child’s education, your local school, and Children’s Services as a whole.


Throughout each school year there will be opportunities for you to discuss your child’s progress with his/her teacher.  There will also be Council-wide events for parents organised by Children’s Services.  These events are spread across the school year and each focuses on a particular theme.  The events are open to all parents and they are also attended, wherever possible, by the Education Portfolio Holder as well as members of the Service’s Management Team. Each session offers parents an opportunity to ask questions about aspects of their child’s education. Dates for these events will be issued by your child’s school and we hope you will be able to come along and hear about, and contribute to, our plans for Education in Falkirk.


We are pleased to introduce this handbook for session 2018/19 and trust it will provide you with all the relevant information you may need concerning your child’s school.  If you have any queries regarding the contents of the handbook please contact the Head Teacher of your child’s school in the first instance who will be happy to offer any clarification required.


Robert Naylor
Director of Children’s Services
Falkirk Council


Footnote: If you want a printed copy of this handbook, please ask the school.

It may be possible to offer some assistance in helping to translate all or part of this handbook to parents whose first language is not English.   Enquiries should be directed in to the Acting Communications Officer for Children’s Services (tel: 01324 506657).


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We strive to keep all of the information in the school handbook pages as up to date as possible. The information in this school handbook is considered to be correct at the time of publication, however, it is possible that there may be some inaccuracy by the start of the school term in August 2018.