Curriculum for Excellence

At Larbert High School we deliver education through the framework of the Scottish Governement's Curriculum For Excellence. For more information on CfE please see the dedicated CfE page of the website which gives more information about CfE overall and more specific information about CfE in the junior phase (S1-S3).

To access CfE information from Falkirk Council please visit their Curriculum for Excellent - Learning to Achieve page.

Further information on CfE can be found at the Scottish Government website.


At LHS we are proud to offer a wide range of subjects and learning opportunities to pupils. For more information on specific subjects and wider achievement opportunities offered please see our faculty, department and subject pages.

English and Media

Expressive Arts

Health and WB


Maths and Comp

Mod Languages



Learner Journeys

At LHS we recognise that there are many different routes to success for our young people. Larbert High School supports all our young people to move into a positive and sustained destination from school. In order to help pupils get on the right path for their destination we have created a dedicated Learner Journeys website which gives information and support on everything from choosing a course to jobs and training opportunities. 

Careers and College

Pupils and parents can access further information on careers advice, apprenticeships and applying to college on the following pages of our school website:



Curriculum Plan

We have provided a downloadable version of our curriculum plan which covers information on how pupils timetables are made up from S1-S6. A condensed version can be viewed in the images below but we advise parents to consult the full PDF document for more information.

Learning and Teaching

Our school's Learning and Teaching policy is available to download here.


Homework is designed to encourage pupils to practise new learning and reinforce taught skills.

Homework tasks will encourage a broad range of skills: written, oral and practical.

Parents are encouraged to share in the completion of homework tasks, this will support a sound understanding of pupils learning in school.

Skills for Life and Work

LHS promotes the development of skills for life and work through our LHS Skills Framework which is embedded into learning and teaching throughout the school in a variety of ways. We also record and celebrate skills achievements through the Optimum Award for pupils.

Sensitive Aspects of Learning

Sex education is not only informative and an essential part of each child’s education, but it is taught with sensitivity and understanding throughout the school in a co-ordinated programme of Health & Well Being.

Religious Instruction and Observance

Parents who wish to exercise their right to withdraw their child from religious instruction and/or observance should contact the head teacher, in writing, and alternative arrangements will be made for your child.