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Contact Information

Contact information and absence procedures can be found here.

Parent Council

Parents are welcomed to be: involved with their child’s education and learning; be active participants in the life of the school; and express their views on school education generally and work in partnership with the school. Find out more about our Parent Council here.


School Admissions and Placing Requests

Information about our associated primaries can be found here.

For more information on admissions please see the Falkirk Council School Admissions page.

Guidance on making placing requests can be found at the Falkirk Council School Placing Requests page.


Placing Requests

As a parent, you have the right to make a Placing Request for your child(ren) to be educated in a school other than the local school. Applications for Primary 1 and Secondary 1 Placing Requests to commence school in August will only be accepted from the first Thursday in December.

Every effort will be made to try to meet parental wishes, but you should note that it is not always possible to grant every Placing Request. You should also note that a successful Placing Request for one child does not guarantee a successful one for another child. A parent could, therefore, end up with children attending different schools.

Primary 1 children must also be enrolled at the catchment area school on the appropriate Enrolment Form whilst awaiting the outcome of their Placing Request Application. If the Placing Request is granted, the child’s enrolment at the catchment school will automatically be withdrawn by Children’s Services.

Placing Requests can only be approved when there are sufficient places remaining in the class after all catchment area children have enrolled and if staffing and accommodation at the school are able to meet the numbers of Placing Requests at that school. Children’s Services will also reserve places in a class for catchment pupils they expect to move into the area during the school year.

If more Placing Requests are made for admission to a particular school than places available, these Requests will be prioritised according to Falkirk Council’s Admissions Policy and requests accepted and refused accordingly.

If you wish to make a Placing Request, you should complete the appropriate application form (one for each child involved) and return it to Forward Planning Section, Children’s Services, Sealock House, 2 Inchrya Road, Grangemouth, FK3 9XB. This Form must be completed by the child’s Parent/carer. Placing Requests for Primary 1 and Secondary 1, commencing in the next school session should be made by the 15th of March each year for consideration.  Responses will be issued no later than 30th April.

Your Placing Request will be considered against a set of criteria which is set out in the Council’s priorities for admission.

Any Placing Requests received after the 15th March for Primary 1 and Secondary 1 will not be considered in the first round of Placing Requests. Parents / Carers will be notified of the outcome of their request within 8 weeks of receipt.

As soon as a decision has been made, you will be notified of the result. If your Placing Request is successful, you will be asked to contact the school to establish arrangements for enrolment.

Placing Request Forms are available from the Forward Planning Section, Children’s Services at Sealock House, all schools, Libraries, One-Stop Shops and on the Falkirk Council website.


Mid-Session Transfers
You may make a Placing Request at any time during a school session. If your child is experiencing problems at school, you are advised to discuss the matter with the Head Teacher prior to making a Placing Request. Completing the Application Form does not guarantee a place for your child at your chosen school. Your Placing Request will only be granted if there are surplus places available at the school.

Transport for Placing Requests
If a Placing Request is successful, parents will be responsible for the safety and transportation costs of their child to and from their chosen school.

Complaints Procedure

We welcome feedback of all kinds at Larbert High School. If you have an issue you can find out more about through our complaints procedure.


Communication with Parents

At Larbert High School we have several methods of communicating with parents.

Twitter - LHS Twitter account for updates, announcements, successes and achievements.

App - We have our own app which can be downloaded for updates and notifications straight to your smartphone.

Letters - At LHS as well as sending letters home we upload most of the letters sent home to our website where parents can download them.

Parent Evenings - Visit this section of the website for information on upcoming parent evenings.

Email - Often letters and communications are sent to parents via email, as such it is essential we have an up to date email address for parents.