About Curriculum for Excellence

Scotland is currently pursuing its biggest education reform programme for a generation under the Scottish Government’s Ambitious, Excellent Schools agenda.

The Curriculum for Excellence is central to this reform agenda. At its heart, it is the programme of work that is reviewing the current curriculum. It aims to provide:

  • More freedom for teachers
  • Greater choice and opportunity for pupils
  • A single coherent curriculum for all young people aged 3-18.
  • focus classroom practice upon the child and around the four capacities of education:

- successful learners
- confident individuals
- responsible citizens
- effective contributors

  • simplify and prioritise the current curriculum
  • encourage more learning through experiences
  • create a single framework for the curriculum and assessment 3-18.


The intention is to alter the balance between a process that is heavily dependent on content, and learning & teaching approaches that improve pupils’ understanding of what is being taught. This is not a one-off change but the start of a continuous process of review to ensure that the curriculum remains up to date.

More information can be found at the following website from the National Parent Forum of Scotland and the attached document.

There's lots of really useful information on the National Parent Forum of Scotland website (including really easy to understand information on the new qualifications).  Use the link below.

You can also download a copy of our Curriculum Plan (Session 2014 2015) which shows how one year group flows into one another.  The link is also below.

Information for Parents

Curriculum for Excellence is the new name for the education system in Scotland, covering nurseries, schools, colleges and community learning. It covers the whole 'learning journey' from 3 to 18, and in some cases, beyond.

Curriculum for Excellence is about raising standards, improving knowledge and developing skills. It has been developed over time with the input of:

Curriculum for Excellence is about the best learning and teaching, how progress is assessed, and new qualifications. It has already been implemented in schools and nurseries in Falkirk Council. For an animated guide to Curriculum for Excellence in Falkirk, please click the following link:

This information has been closely developed with the National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) and will be sent to all parents of school children across Scotland. It covers information on Curriculum for Excellence, the key benefits for young people and examples of the different routes pupils can take throughout their education from age 3-18.

S1 Curriculum for Excellence

In Larbert we have been working hard over the last few years, making further enhancements to our curriculum to ensure that we are well prepared to deliver for our new S1 pupils.  We have refined our course plans within each curricular area and we have continued to build on the excellent practice within our classrooms, indeed all of our teachers have been trained in cooperative learning techniques.

In addition, the opportunities afforded to our pupils in terms of their ‘wider experience’ is, we believe, second-to-none and will help to further develop each of our young people as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Click on the link below to download a booklet which gives a one-page overview for each curricular area being delivered in our S1 experience. It is not intended to provide all the detail, rather it provides a ‘snapshot’ of what your child will experience as they progress through their first year with us.

You can also download a copy of our S1 Curriculum Descriptor - which details some of the thinking and rationale behind our S1 experience.  It gives a fuller picture of what's included in S1.

If you would like to get in touch with us to ask a question or seek clarification about our S1 CfE experience, then please use the contact us.

Jon Reid, Rector.

S2 Curriculum for Excellence

Curriculum for Excellence in Larbert High School continues to motivate, challenge and inspire our young people.  We believe that the first year experience has provided unrivalled opportunities for them to develop their knowledge and skills and get involved in a whole host of activities, contributing to the success of their wider achievements.

We have been working really hard to ensure that what is delivered in our ‘broad general education’ [sometimes referred to as the ‘BGE’ and encompassing everything that happens in S1, S2 and S3] is of a very high standard and fits within the national guidance and advice that we are receiving.  Importantly, we have been keen to ensure that it builds on what we have previously offered and is right for the young people of Larbert High School.

Our new learning & teaching policy, developed by pupils and staff, has ensured that almost all of our staff are trained in Cooperative Learning and that there is a very sharp focus on the development of High Order Thinking.  This ensures that the experiences within our classrooms are first-class.

Additionally, the opportunities afforded to our pupils in terms of their ‘wider experience’ are, we believe, second-to-none.  Within and outwith classrooms we continue to strive to develop each of our young people as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors (the ‘four capacities’ within Curriculum for Excellence).

The development and implementation of Curriculum for Excellence in Larbert High School is focused around our school aims of achieving success; learning for life; responsible citizenship and fairness and equality. 

This page and the downloads on it will provide you with an overview of our S2 and S3 curriculum – not in terms of the detail that lies behind each curricular area and subject but in the ‘totality’ of the curriculum: all the different parts of the jigsaw that make up the entire experience.

I hope that you find the information useful but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like further detail or clarification.

Jon Reid, Rector.

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