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Welcome to Physics

Physics offers a special way of looking at the world through a combination of experimenting and thinking.

In this way it is hoped that pupils will gain a greater understanding of the physical world and the part Physics plays in industry and improving the quality of life.

A full range of certificated courses is offered in   S2 - S6, with pupils doing their curriculum review at the end of S1.

Teachers of Physics

Ms A Naseer (PT - BGE) (Room C209)

Mr S Law (Room C212)

Mr C McCusker (Room C208)

Mrs H McLaughlin (Room C213)

Mr B McMullen (Room C216)

Miss L McNab Technician (Room C211)


Where is the Physics Department?

The Physics Department can be found in the middle of the second floor in the STEM Academy.

Career Paths in Physics 

You can follow many career options through the study of Physics.


Medicine, Dentistry, Ophthalmic Optician, Radiography, Physiotherapy, Veterinary, Nursing, etc.

Building Trade

Plumbers and Joiners require some background knowledge of electrical work, as do Electricians separately. 


Physics is required in all types of Engineering courses at College and University and for all types of Physical Science degrees.


A qualification in Physics is necessary to be a Physics teacher. It is also handy to have if you are a Biology, Chemistry or primary school teacher.

Non Numerate Courses at College or University

Many pupils use Higher Physics as a numerate subject at this level if their curriculum is based on literary subjects to provide a balance.

For General Interest

As every pupil has to study a Science subject in S2 and S3, many pupils choose to study Physics as they enjoy the subject. It could be that they do not require any Science subject for their future career.

Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

In order to be successful in anything that you do in life, including your studies, you must have a PMA. Negativity drains your energy and helps you to lose focus on what is important.

 Reading the three documents below on Positivity, Perspective and Graphic Thoughts will hopefully put a smile on your face and fill you with positive vibes.