Welcome to Chemistry

Chemistry is the science of our material world.

The subject is taught largely in an exploratory manner where pupils are encouraged to develop skills and put these to use.

Teachers of Chemistry

Mrs A Clayton

Mrs L Connelly

Mr T Denny

Mrs E Stewart

Miss E Young

Aims of the Department

Contribute to the overall school aims in terms of the personal and social development of pupils.

Help pupils to develop skills, and confidence in using their skills.

Encourage good communications and relationships with pupils, staff and parents.

Make pupils aware of the contribution that chemistry makes to their everyday lives and to assist pupils to develop the ability to make informed comments and judgements regarding social and environmental issues.

Inspire and motivate pupils to produce work of the highest quality.

Share ideas and learn from experience.

Teach effectively, creating optimum learning opportunities for all, extending the more able whilst supporting the less able.

Respect and value all pupils equally regardless of ability.

Youth and Experience - Pupils and staff working together with a clear focus on Learning and Teaching.

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Careers in Chemistry

Should I take Chemistry in 3rd year?
Should I take Chemistry in 5th year?
Will I find it too difficult?
Do I need to take it at university?

These are the kinds of questions students ask about any subject, not just Chemistry. The quality of your life as an adult will depend on getting a satisfying job. Here are some of the jobs which will be open to you with a qualification in Chemistry.

  • Industry – textiles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, brewing, oil refining, and many more. Almost every industry in Britain requires a chemist.
  • Forensic science – prevent and detect crime
  • Sport – enhance performance by developing new materials
  • Pathology – to help diagnose disease
  • Education – to teach or lecture
  • Environmental chemistry – monitor air quality and industrial emissions

A chemistry qualification lets you do almost anything.

Chemistry is the preferred entrance subject for the following degree courses –

  • Agriculture Anatomy Animal science
  • Biochemistry Chemistry Colour chemistry
  • Dentistry Food science Environmental chemistry
  • Forensic science Forestry Marine chemistry
  • Medicine Medicinal & pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Neuroscience Pathology Pharmacology
  • Pharmacy Physiology Soil science
  • Toxicology Veterinary science

You have an exciting future. 
Think about it now!

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National 4/5

www.evans2chemweb.co.uk - username - larbert, password - optimum


http://scholar.hw.ac.uk - Use your own username and password
www.evans2chemweb.co.uk - username - larbert, password - optimum

Advanced Higher

http://scholar.hw.ac.uk - Use your own username and password
www.evans2chemweb.co.uk - username - larbert, password - optimum

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