National 5

This course covers major areas of biology ranging from cellular to whole organism and up to ecosystems. The key areas of biodiversity, interdependence, body systems and cells and inheritance are developed through the course.
Course Content
The course consists of three Units:

  • Cell Biology
  • Multicellular Organisms
  • Life on Earth

Learning Outcomes

The aims of the course are to enable learners to:

  • develop and apply knowledge and understanding of biology
  • develop an understanding of biology’s role in scientific issues and relevant
    applications of biology, including the impact these could make in society and the environment develop scientific inquiry and investigative skills
  • develop scientific analytical thinking skills in a biology context
  • develop the use of technology, equipment and materials, safely, in practical scientific activities
  • develop planning skills
  • develop problem solving skills in a biology context
  • use and understand scientific literacy, in everyday contexts, to communicate ideas and issues and to make scientifically informed choices
  • develop the knowledge and skills for more advanced learning in biology
  • develop skills of independent working


Science Revision