Schools of...

Our ‘Schools of…’ programme has now been running successfully for several years and affords our young people in S1 the invaluable opportunity to specialise in an area of particular interest and allows them to develop essential skills to ensure they thrive both in and outside school. Last year, we launched our School of Pop and Rock alongside our existing STEM Academy,

Schools of Languages, Media, Basketball, Dance, Football and Rugby. In short, it provides a terrific enhancement to their S1 curriculum.

This section of the website offers a brief overview of each of our ‘Schools of’.

We are very proud that we are able to offer our young people such a high quality, unique experience which is unmatched by any other school in Scotland. This personalisation of the curriculum provides a unique opportunity to take an individual’s skills and talents to a completely different level and we hope you will encourage your child to engage with this opportunity.

Application Process

Pupils who wish to be part of a ‘School of…’ must complete an online application form via survey monkey and attend the relevant Challenge Event(s) for each school they apply for. The link for this is:

'School of...' Application Survey

The survey monkey will open following the information evening on Monday 29th January and will close on Monday 12th Februar. The Challenge Events will be held at Larbert High School. Please bring a passport sized photograph with your child’s name on the back to each Challenge Event they attend. Pupils should report to the main reception.

The Challenge Events take place at the times indicated on the table shown.

Following all of the Challenge Events, emails will be sent to parents to inform them if their child’s application has been successful.


School of Basketball


School of Dance


School of Football


School of Languages


School of Media


School of Rugby


School of Pop and Rock


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