Welcome to RMPS

Education is about development of the whole person. RMPS deals with the development of the person in relation to self -awareness, relationship with others and the realm of beliefs, values and practices which go to make up an outlook of life. As such it makes an important contribution to the personal, spiritual, and social development of pupils.

The many different beliefs and attitudes found in today's pluralistic Scotland, which are mirrored in our school, makes this area of the curriculum an exciting challenge.

Department Aims

The aims of RMPS:

  • To encourage pupils to reflect on personal issues emanating from religious and moral values, explore the basis of human conduct and develop an effective moral code
  • To help pupils achieve an awareness and understanding of influences which affect our beliefs
  • To give pupils an awareness of pupils' and others'  beliefs
  • To allow pupils to develop a set of beliefs, attitudes and practices which will sustain and guide them personally in the future and enable them to contribute positively to the world
  • To help pupils to identify the area of religion in terms of the phenomena of religion and the human experiences from which they arise
  • To enable pupils to explore the nature and meaning of existence in relation to the questions religions pose and the answers they propose