Who am I?- A unit where students can reflect upon ultimate questions, the nature of human existence, human values and moral viewpoints. Pupils reflect on Aristotle's ideas about what humans want, and what brings happiness.

S2 - Core


A study of Islamic beliefs and practices in the modern world.

- the Life of Muhammad

- the 5 Pillars

- the Qur'an

- Islamic art



Pupils investigate the nature of the beliefs and practices of Christianity, its historical origins, and its development in a Scottish context.

- the background and life of Jesus

- teachings

 - the Bible

- miracles

- Easter

- the Church


Sectarianism (May-June)

Understanding and analysing the roots of sectarianism, its effects and the moral questions it raises in contemporary society.


With a focus on the following areas:

1. World Religion - Judaism:

- Apply knowledge and understanding of particular beliefs and practices


2. Morality and Belief - Medicine and the Human Body

Implications of the right to life:

- medical definitions of life and death

- types of palliative care

- active and passive euthanasia

- embryos and medical research


3. Religious and Philosophical Questions

- the origins of life

- the existence of God

- the problem of evil and suffering

- miracles

S3 - Core

Religion and Conflict 

(Nat 4 & 5)

- responses to war

- modern armaments

- religious and non-religious responses

- comparison and evaluation of each approach