National 5

National 5 Geography – The National 5 Geography Course develops a range of geographical skills and techniques. Learners gain a detailed understanding of the ways in which people and the environment interact in response to physical and human processes at local, national, international and global scales. Further information can be found in the NPFC’s Nationals in a Nutshell Geography National 5 



The Higher qualification in Geography gives learners a sophisticated understanding of geographical processes and information. This covers a range of topics, from glaciation to the growth of the human population. Independent study and cooperative learning are encouraged. Learners will gain sophisticated skills in analysing and communicating complex geographical ideas using maps and other diagrams.

Advanced Higher

The Advanced Higher qualification in Geography gives learners an in-depth understanding of complex ideas about how the world works. It also gives them the chance to carry out their own research, with an emphasis on fieldwork. Learners will be able to use sophisticated geographical methods to gather information. They will be able to use statistics to analyse this data and spot relationships within it. They will be able to describe and summarise different viewpoints and evaluate them critically.