S4-6: Core PE

In S4-S5 Core PE pupils will be given the opportunity to further enhance their physical movement skills in activities of their choice. Our integrated Personal and Social Development (PSD) sessions will also ensure that pupils are exploring and improving their own health and wellbeing as well as planning and preparing for the world of work.

Accredited Courses

Within the Senior Phase we offer a number of different accredited courses as part of the School’s Wider Achievement Programme (WAO’s). Pupils can select Sports Leader, Dancer Leader, Football Coaching, Rugby Coaching, Sports and Fitness, Golf, Boxing, Fishing and Mountain Biking.

Kit Policy

All pupils are required to attend with appropriate kit at all times. If pupils are injured or unable to participate, a parental note is required as well as full kit to allow pupils to still be involved in the lesson.

If a pupil arrives without kit then the department will provide appropriate clothing for the pupil to wear for the lesson. The departmental kit is maintained to the highest standards and washed on a daily basis.

If pupils do not arrive with appropriate kit on two separate occasions within one activity block then a signed punishment exercise will be issued. If kit is forgotten on another occasion a departmental letter will be issued.

PE as a Certified Subject

If pupils choose PE as a Certificated subject at either National 5 or Higher level they will explore and develop their performance in more detail. These courses offer the opportunity for personalisation and choice as pupils can choose which activities they want to specialise in, they will then evaluate their performance, identifying areas for improvement and creating programmes to improve their performance.

Dance as a Certified Subject

Pupils also have the option to select Dance as a certificated subject. This is also offered at National 5 and Higher levels where pupils have the opportunity to learn and take part in different genres of dance, develop choreography skills and improve their physical fitness.

Higher Homework

2 Year Course

In S4 pupils will be expected to complete one piece of homework every two weeks in the form of an extended writing piece.

1 Year Course

In S5/6 pupils will be expected to complete one piece of homework every week in the form of an extended writing piece.