Welcome to Food and Consumer Technology

Food & Consumer Technology is a subject where the inter-relationships between foods, diet, health, consumer education and technology are studied within the context of the home and family.

Aims of the Department

The Food & Consumer Technology Department aim to develop pupils as individuals by:

  • Helping pupils explore their health in a practical context, enhancing their potential to live a healthy lifestyle and make responsible choices about their diet and food.
  • Build confidence through the development of practical food skills
  • Prepare pupils for life after school by developing problem solving and decision making ability.

The aim is to equip pupils with useful life skills - organisation, management of time, money and resources. Health and well-being are now recognised as having a direct relation to food intake. Through investigation and practical work pupils are taught the essentials of healthy eating as a pattern for life.

Critical evaluation and selection are taught to encourage pupils to make reasoned choices. Developing confidence in practical and organisational skills can contribute to an increasing sense of self-reliance. A full range of certificated courses is offered in S2-S6.