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Visual communication is an important part of our daily lives, offering us ways of seeing, expressing and handling information. Drawing is an essential part of visual communication and is used every day in a variety of different vocations from; Medicine and Engineering to Advertising and Architecture. Decision making, expressing feelings and understanding Art terminology are central to these courses which should intellectually stimulate pupils while encouraging awareness as consumers of the Visual Arts in our daily lives.

Fancy a career in Art and Design?

If you are good at Art and Design, enthusiastic, motivated and hard -working, a career in art and design may be something to consider.

Many of the world's top designers and artists are British

.and almost all of these artists and designers will have taken Art & Design at school and then studied at one of Britain's many excellent art colleges. These designers include:

Fashion designer Stella McCartney, who studied art at school before going on to St Martins art college in London.

3-dimensional designer Thomas Heatherwick who excelled in art at school before going to art college to study furniture design.

Where can I study art and design and how do I get there?

The premier art colleges in Scotland are Glasgow School of Art, Edinburgh College of Art, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee and Grays School of Art in Aberdeen. For entry you will need 3 Highers- normally inlcuding Art and English. You also need a really good folio of work to take to your interview. Your folio should obviously show you can draw and paint well. But in addition it should show you are really creative, full of ideas, willing to experiment with different materials and totally devoted to Art and Design. Competition is fierce - for example, Edinburgh College of Art gets 1000 applicants from all over the world for only 150 first -year places. If you don't have the qualifications or a strong enough folio, try an art course at a college such as Forth Valley College in Falkirk . These courses can also be used as a stepping -stone to getting to art college.

Exhibition Information
Scotland has an excellent selection of art galleries. There is no substitute for viewing artwork at close quarters. We'll be giving information on what to see in galleries in central Scotland here shortly.

Where can I get career advice?

Go to the art college web sites. Mr Henderson in the Art & Design department will be happy to answer your questions.