Pupils have various opportunities to study media in the junior phase. School of Media pupils begin study from S1 with a media focus integrated into their English timetable, they then continue media as an independent subject in S2 and S3. In S2 all pupils have the option of taking media as an independent subject which they will be timetabled for three periods per week. 

 In the BGE phase students will begin to build knowledge of the key aspects of media and learn technical skills which they may then choose to take forward in the future to study certificate courses of National 5 Media or Higher Media in the senior phase.

Creating Media

Students develop skills in planning and researching and developing their understanding of the pre-production phase through specifically designed tasks which relate to the key aspects of media. 

Presenting Media

Technical skills are developed through a series of hands on, practical tasks allowing pupils to complete and present media products.

Analysing and Evaluating Media

Pupils develop their ability to analyse and evaluate media texts while considering the influence on audiences and societies.