Welcome to the English Faculty

By providing practice in all types of reading, writing and speaking, the aim of the department is to encourage the fullest possible development of the pupil's ability to read, write and listen effectively.

A wide range of reading material is available, to provide enriching experiences and develop informed, questioning attitudes.

Proficiency in the basic skills will be encouraged at all levels, since they, too, are fundamental to clear communication.



Members of the Department

Miss S Leach (PT)

Mr J Doherty (Depute)

Mrs Hurren (Depute)

Mr S Wilson

Mrs S Kennedy

Mrs K Murray

Miss J Buckley

Mrs L Swinney

Mrs L Livingstone

Miss J Cairney

Mr G Breen

Miss K Couper

Mr L Kelly

Mrs K Ferguson

Miss K Abercrombie

Miss F Waterfall

Mrs B Hames

Mr G MacLean

Miss A Kane

Miss C Stewart

Writing Folio Proforma

All N5 and Higher candidates must submit their writing folio on the proforma which can be downloaded below.

Candidates should also ensure that their proforma has the Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) and page number boxes filled out.

The template instructions from the SQA should also be carefully considered by the candidate before submission.