Contacting Us

rector: Mr Jon Reid

address: Larbert High School
Carrongrange Avenue
Falkirk FK5 3BL

tel: 01324 554233
fax: 01324 503551


Reporting Your Child Absent

If you need to report your child absent, please call the school on 01324 554233 and select option 1.

It is the responsibility of parents of a child of school age to make sure that their child is educated. Most do this by sending their child to school regularly. Absence from school is recorded as authorised (approved by the education authority) or as unauthorised (unexplained by the parent - truancy).

Please let the school know by letter or phone if your child is likely to be absent for some time, and give your child a note on his or her return to school, confirming the reason for absence. If there is no explanation from a child’s parents / carers, the absence will be regarded as unauthorised.

Please make every effort to avoid family holidays during term time as this disrupts your child’s education and reduces learning time. The head teacher can approve absence from school for a family holiday in certain extreme situations for example, in traumatic domestic circumstances where the holiday would improve the cohesion and wellbeing of the family. Please discuss your plans with the head teacher before the holiday. If the head teacher does not give permission before the holiday, it will be recorded as unauthorised absence. The head teacher may also exercise discretion when a parent can prove that work commitments make a family holiday impossible during school holiday times. Normally, your employer will need to provide evidence of your work commitments. Absence
approved by the head teacher on this basis is regarded as authorised absence.

Parents from minority ethnic religious communities may request that their children be permitted to be absent from school to celebrate recognised religious events. Absence approved by the head teacher on this basis is regarded as authorised absence. Extended leave can also be granted on request for families returning to their country of origin for cultural or care reasons.

A supportive approach is taken to unexplained absence. However the education authority has legal powers to write to, interview or prosecute parents, or refer pupils to the Reporter to the Children’s Panel, if necessary.

When it is realised that a child is likely to be off school for any length of time, it would be helpful if parents would telephone the school on 01324 554233 to explain this. Should your child fail to arrive at school in the morning you will be notified by text message at around 9.30am by our automated absence alert system. if you do not use a mobile phone, we can contact you with a voice message. However, when parents inform us in advance of an absence, text messages will not be sent.