SQA Exams and Exam Leave 2017

S4-6 pupils are currently completing their courses and preparing for forthcoming exams. Please find below information about these exams and exam leave arrangements. Pupils will be taken through key information regarding their exams and assessments during the Exam Briefing assemblies on Thursday 20 April.

LHS Results 2017 - Help Guide

Download a copy of our 2017 help guide below.

LHS SQA Timetable

Please find below a provisional copy of the Larbert High School SQA Exam Timetable. This timetable has been altered from the national exam timetable to complement the school’s specific start and interval times. At this time, I hope this provides pupils with the appropriate information to help them prepare and organise their study time effectively.
In addition, please find attached a copy of the SQA Your Exams booklet; this provides advice and guidance for pupils sitting exams. (a paper copy will be given out at the assembly on the 20th April)

Individual SQA Exam Timetables

All S4-6 pupils will receive their SQA Personal Details sheet in Form Class from Tuesday 18 April onwards. It is important for all pupils and parents/carers to check this for accuracy (e.g. occasionally, a home address requires to be updated).
On Monday 24 April, all S4-6 pupils will receive a copy of their SQA Individual Timetable. This will contain specific information for every pupil about their exam room and their exam seat number.

Exceptional Circumstances

Occasionally, incidents in life can occur which can impact on a pupil’s ability to attend their exam. In these extreme circumstances, usually caused by illness or family bereavement, the school can make a submission to SQA through the Exceptional Circumstances service. If your child is affected by an exceptional circumstance during the SQA exam diet please contact myself or your child’s Pupil Support Teacher to discuss this. The Exceptional Circumstances service requires verified documentation from a professional such as a doctor and we can provide you with more guidance if this is required.

Exam Leave Information

Please find below the key dates for S4-6 pupils during the SQA exam diet. In summary, S4 pupils sitting a National 5 exam will take 2 days exam leave before each exam. For S5/6 pupils, extended exam leave will be granted throughout the exam diet starting on Tuesday 2 May up until Friday 26 May.
Exam leave for pupils is granted for revision purposes and pupils can choose to work at home. However, study facilities will be available in school throughout this period and pupils should make arrangements with their teacher to find out what programmes are available. If pupils come in to school for study purposes, they must sign in to the school reception first and should wear school uniform.
The summary of dates for the start of the SQA exam diet along with the exam leave arrangements are:
Easter Holidays – Monday 3 April to Monday 17 April (inclusive)
Easter School – Tuesday 4 April – Thursday 6 April
Tuesday 18 April – new term begins
Friday 28 AprilS6 Graduation Ceremony 2pm (S6 pupils will leave at morning interval)
Monday 1 May – pupil school holiday
Tuesday 2 MayExam leave for S5/6 pupils begins. S4 pupils can take 2 days study leave before an exam. (Please note, S5 pupils who are in the first year of a 2-year course must continue to attend this class as normal during the exam period. They need only attend this class and will be on study leave for the other subjects that they have exams for during the SQA exam diet.)
Tuesday 2 MaySQA exam diet begins
Thursday 4 May - In-service
Monday 29 May – S5 pupils return from Exam Leave new timetable begins. Some SQA exams are continuing during this week in Modern Studies, Art & Design, German, Psychology, Design and Manufacture, Health and Food Technology and PE – pupils with an exam during this week will be given two days study leave for their exam.

Additional information

If an exam is on a Monday or Tuesday, the 2 study leave days before an exam are from the working week (ie Saturday/Sunday will not be counted as exam leave days). In addition, if a pupil has 2 exams on consecutive days then they will take 4 days exam leave.