School Improvement Plan and Standards and Quality Reports

At Larbert we've got a very definite focus on improving the experience for our pupils.

Every year (in line with legislation) we'll publish an annual Improvement Plan and a Standards & Quality Report, which will summarise the progress we've made and how we're going to improve our school in the year that lies ahead.

Below, you'll find links to download our Improvement Plan for Session 2016-2017 so you can see what we're aiming to achieve over the next year and our Standards & Quality Report shows evidence of what we've achieved over the past year. 

As a parent or a pupil, you'll get a chance to feed in to this plan to tell us the direction in which you feel we should be going and the improvements we need to make.   You can download the documents by clicking on the links below and you can also email our Rector, Jon Reid, to tell him the good things and the bad things about the school.

Learning and Teaching Policy

Larbert High School is committed to excellence through the provision of the highest quality experiences for all young people within our school community.  Learning and teaching is the core purpose of our school and teachers are our most valued resource.   This policy has been designed and written by the Learning and Teaching School Improvement Group, after consultation with pupils and teachers on the features of highly effective learning and teaching.  The findings of their consultation confirm that the areas which we are developing in school around active, independent, contextualised learning, high order thinking, the importance of knowing what is to be learned, how success is to be measured with formative written and oral feedback concur with pupil and teachers’ views on what makes learning most effective.  This policy captures, therefore, how we as a school plan to achieve and sustain excellence, developed through new models of professional development and drawing on current educational thinking.  It also frames how we are developing teachers within the context of Falkirk Council’s strategy for raising attainment and achievement, ‘Learning to Achieve’.

Latecoming Policy

Employers, Trainers, Colleges and Universities always demand a high standard of punctuality and attendance and almost always ask for pupil’s attendance and punctuality records when seeking references from the school. Pupils and parents should be aware of Larbert High School’s Policy on latecoming.

School Uniform Policy

There are a number of reasons for having a clearly defined uniform policy:

  • In a large school, for safety reasons, it is essential that all pupils are instantly recognisable as LHS pupils.
  • Wearing school uniform instils pride, a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose in class and projects an appropriate image to the local community and visitors to the school.
  • tems of school uniform are significantly cheaper than branded items of clothing.
  • School uniform removes the stigma attached to not wearing more expensive branded items and also reduces peer-pressure.

We thank you for your cooperation and support with this policy.

Anti-Bullying Policy

At Larbert High School we recognise the right of all pupils to education in an atmosphere of security, in which all pupils feel equally valued. We encourage respect for others regardless of race, class, religion, gender, physique, appearance or ability. We therefore operate a very strong anti-bullying policy.

Bring You Own Device and Wifi Policy

During the Summer of 2013, Larbert High School installed a wi-fi network in the school in order to enhance learning for all pupils and, in particular, allow pupils access to the internet using mobile devices.

Access to the internet via wi-fi is subject to the same filters and controls from other PCs in the school and is carefully controlled and monitored.

The school will now allow pupils to use their own personal electronic device (smartphone, notebook, iPad, etc) within the classroom, subject to the conditions contained within our Bring Your Own Device policy. 

Please note, however, that it will not be compulsory for pupils to bring their own devices to school as the school will also be purchasing a range of devices to support learning as well.

The links below will allow you to download our policies and guidelines in the use of mobile devices, internet safety and Falkirk Council's acceptable use policy.

Child Protection

Larbert High School strives to educate all its pupils within an environment where the traditions of learning, truth, justice, respect and community are promoted. Consequently the school has a policy which is designed to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children in our care.

Race Equality Policy

Our Race Equality policy was produced under the guidelines from Falkirk Council Education Services and in accordance with the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 following an extensive consultation with pupils, parents and members of staff. The policy is due to be followed up with an Action Plan which will be available shortly.

United in Purpose

Larbert High School and our primary partners are dedicted to one shared vision. We are united in purpose in creating experiences and opportunities for young people which enchace our lives, our community and our world. Working together to further the four capacities underpinning Curriculum for Excellence and helping to develop effective contributors, successful learners, responsible citizens and confident individuals across the spectrum from early years to final years. 

Complaints Procedure

Compliments, Suggestions and Complaints Procedure
Falkirk Council Children’s Services are keen that you should be completely satisfied about your child's education and we encourage feedback on our services from parents, pupils and members of the public. We are interested in feedback of all kinds, whether it be compliments, suggestions or complaints. Compliments and suggestions can be giving to schools by writing, by email, telephone or in person.

If you have a complaint about the school, please let us know. It is better that concerns are shared openly and resolved quickly, rather than being allowed to damage the relationship between home and  school. We will deal with the issue confidentially and as quickly as possible. If we have made a mistake we will apologise and try to put things right.

There are some things which you should take note of in relation to making a complaint:
- Parents must first consult the school regarding their complaint. Although we try to respond as quickly as possible, issues can sometimes be complex and the school may need time to investigate them.
- The Council’s complaints handling procedure sets a time limit for making a complaint of six months from when the customer first knew of the problem.
- If your complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved by the school, it may be eligible for consideration at the second stage (by Children’s Services, Sealock House). Complaints will not be considered by Children’s Services unless they have been thoroughly considered by the headteacher.
- If you remain dissatisfied after this further investigation, you can raise the matter with the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.
- You should also be aware that you have the right to raise concerns with your local Councillor, MSP or MP.
- You can find out more about the Council’s Complaint Procedure from the Falkirk Council website.

Assessment and Reporting

Assessment and reporting are an important feature of learning as well as communication between school and home. For more information on assessment and reporting progress see the document below.