Parental Involvement

Supporting Learning at Home

Parental Representation


Support for parents

Supporting Learning at Home

All Falkirk Council schools welcome parental involvement as research has shown that when parents are involved children do better in school. Education Scotland have published helpful general tips for supporting learning at home.

Parental Representation

At Larbert High School parents are represented in many ways. The main way is through the parent council.

Support for Parents

In order to support parents we provide you with as much information as possible to keep you involved in your child's learning.

Parents receive the following communications throughout the session:
a. calendar of key dates and events
b. tracking & monitoring reports
c. various Parent information Evenings during the course of the year

There will also be a range of other communications dealing with particular issues as they arise, whether of a curricular, extra-curricular or emergency nature. 


In addition

The school calendar can be accessed online and is updated regularly to keep parents up to date. 

The LHS app can be downloaded to receive updates and announcements direct to your smartphone.

Information on parent information evenings can be found online.

Our dedicated LHS Learner Journeys site provides helpful information for parents supporting their child through course choices.